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Prodigy Athletic Academy’s goal is to provide a fun, educational, professional atmosphere to our youth, High School, College, and Professional Athletes. Instructing with a positive, high energy attitude we Teach Big League Techniques. Our organizations mission is three fold:

Our facility is designed for the athlete who wants to train all year round, at Prodigy Athletic Academy we can provide that for you. We offer a central, indoor location for guests to learn and practice there baseball and softball skills. The Facility includes three pro-batter batting cages and five retractable training cages, pitching areas, team skills areas, meeting areas, equipment use, strength and speed training area, video analysis room, spectator seating, and retail shop. Training at Prodigy Athletic Academy is great whether you’re an athlete looking to better your performance and gain that competitive edge in baseball or for those who want to come in and use what our facility has to offer. We provide private and semi-private lessons, workshops and clinic sessions, leagues, player development programs, as well as training and fundamental camps.

Prodigy Athletic puts an emphasis on individualized goals and needs of each client. As a result, Prodigy Athletic designs specialized Functional training which will incorporate only the most efficient exercises for the Athletes goals. Every exercise we do at Prodigy Athletic will have a specific meaning towards achieving your goals. Prodigy Athletic cultivates a fun and dynamic environment to pursue your fitness goals. Fast twitch training is one of the most efficient Types of sports performance training you can endure. Our focus will be on activating fast twitch muscles through proper warm ups, flexibility, speed/agility training, and explosive power. Prodigy Athletic will help you gain that competitive edge through research and experience based program implementation.

At Prodigy Athletic Academy we are willing to work with any level youth, whether trying to make the little league team or trying to achieve a college scholarship. We aim to provide high quality baseball education to players, parents, and guardians.