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January - March Indoor Hitting Clinics

AGES 12 & UP​

​The Intermediate/Advanced is designed for more experienced players to improve & refine there knowledge & approach towards hitting. Hitters will learn more advanced drills to further improve  their hitting
The beginner clinics is designed for players with minimal hitting experience to learn the proper basics & fundamental mechanics of hitting .​​
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Prodigy Athletic Academy Camps & Clinics are to teach the fundamentals as well as the advanced skills of baseball to various age levels. (PAA) Camps & Clinics help each participant to better understand the game both mentally and physically. Joining us will also allow players to further develop individual skills through instruction, individual/multi-player drills, and game experience; as well as interaction with players off the field in a comfortable camp setting. Players will work hard but have fun at the same time.

Personalized Instruction Can Maximize Your Athlete’s Performance
Designed to address the individual needs of any ballplayer regardless of age or ability level, there is no better investment into your athlete’s development than private lessons from Prodigy Athletic Academy. One-on-One or Semi-Private sessions enables our professional instructors to maximize your athlete’s performance.

​​  Whether the focus is hitting, pitching or position specific, private lessons are essential to boost a player’s development. At Prodigy Athletic Academy, the fundamentals are introduced, taught, reinforced, and repeated each and every lesson.