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About Us


Sporting Canada Soccer Academy Institute is a federally and provincially recognized not-for-profit organization.



We operate in Mississauga, Ontario- and run our leagues mainly in the west-end of the city.



We run various soccer programs for boys & girls born between 2003-2015 (inclusive). All skill levels and abilities are welcome!

House-League: This is a recreational program. Most participants register with the aim of learning the sport, learn or develop technical skills, and achieve overall fitness goals.

  • Our house-league program is the equivalent of “development” programs at most clubs/academies in the GTA.
  • The training program offered is designed specifically to ensure optimum growth and learning, and to influence a life-long healthy lifestyle.
  • Co-ed Leagues (boys & girls)
  • Paid/licensed coaches, weekly homework (2 components), uniform, progress report-card & medal included.
  • 12-week program (3 seasons/year)
  • 1 class/week: Training session + Game
    • Weekday OR Weekend options available.
  • For more information please visit our House-League information page.


Development League (House-League PLUS): This program is designed for those participants who play recreationally but also want to get extra training, or those players who aspire to play competitive/rep soccer and would like to gain the necessary skills.

  • This program is integrated with the house-league program; the child would participate in the house-league program (practice + game), and take part in 1 training session with our competitive Academy team coaches.
  •  Technically and tactically driven program.
  • 12-week program (3 seasons/year)
  • 2 classes/week: 2 Training sessions + Game
    • at least one has to be a weekday (competitive Academy team training session).
  • Minimum age: 8 years old.
  • For more information, please visit the Development League (House-League PLUS) information page.


Competitive (rep): This program is intended for proficient youth soccer players.

  • Our competitive Academy teams compete on regional and provincial levels against other clubs/academies; a high level of awareness, attitude, and skill is required to play at this stage.
  • In order to join this program the player will have to undergo a full assessment (try-out). It is up to the discretion of the head coach to choose the team members.
  • 95% of our competitive players have come up through our system (house-league –> development –> competitive Academy team). Our in-house scouts are always watching our own player’s development and scouting our future competitive talents.
  • Season length: The competitive teams train year-round, a few weeks vacation are given between seasons.
  • 2 seasons/year
  • 2-3 practices/week + scheduled game.
  • For more information please visit the Competitive Program information page.

Other Services

  • Fitness Classes (Strength & Conditioning coaching)
    • Personal Training (1 on 1)
  • Technical Soccer Training
    • Personal Training (1 on 1)
  • Life Coaching
    • 1 on 1
  • For additional information, please follow this link.


To register for the House-League program or the Development League (House-League PLUS) program you can REGISTER ONLINE or call us to register over the phone.

If you are interested to join a Competitive Academy team, please refer to the program information page and contact the Technical Co-ordinator to schedule a try-out.



Although most children play sports to have fun and make some new friends, we always go above and beyond.

  • The Coaches:
    • NO VOLUNTEER POLICY- All of our coaches are paid professionals.
    • Certified and licensed.
    • Years of experience playing and coaching youth soccer.
    • Undergo rigorous training to provide the best sessions for your child.
    • Friendly & love working with children.
    • We simply hire only the best of the best!
  • The Training Program:
    • A formal training program, where you can actually notice your child developing and improving.
    • Our training programs are age-specific and ability-relevant.
    • Designed based on evidence-based scientific research, and best-practices used by professional world-recognized academies.
    • Rigorously tested and proven!
    • Designed by professionals and professors in the fields of: Kinesiology, Sport Science, Sport Psychology, Strength & Conditioning, Athletic Therapy, Human Growth & Development, Developmental Psychology, Human & Exercise Physiology, Human Movement & Biomechanics, and Nutrition.
    • We have multiple assessment points throughout the season, so we can provide you with an accurate progress report at the end.
    • Our program is simply one of a kind, and used only by the top global academies.


Our ONLY concern is to provide your child with the best environment to grow, have fun, learn…. and learn some more beyond their age-corrected average expectations. Our aim is to ensure our players will grow-up to be multidimensional, well-rounded individuals with a strong athletic background which supports all aspects of health, wellness, and life; and for our players to have a real effect on the society and  the community once they reach adulthood.

When we say learn, we refer to ALL aspect of learning:

  • Soccer: technical & tactical abilities
  • Academic: decision making, composure, critical thinking, concept of homework
  • Physical literacy: correct and efficient neural & muscular movement patterns, movement skills
  • Health: nutrition, develop healthy long-lasting habits, healthy weight, healthy biological markers
  • Fitness: Improve parameters- strength, speed, power, agility, flexibility, and balance
  • Life-based learning: learn important life values such as respect, sportsmanship, honesty, discipline, humility, work ethics.
  • Psychological: Confident, motivation, personality development


By the end of our program your child will be in the best shape of their life! be active! feel confident & motivated! learn true sporting values and learn fundamental technical soccer skills!