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Where are we located?

  • We are located in Mississauga, ON. Our members live all over the GTA and neighbouring towns.

What programs do we offer?

  • House-league (recreational)
  • Development League (house-league PLUS)
  • Competitive (rep)

What ages do we accept for registrations?

  • We accept boys & girls born between 2003-2015 (inclusive), of any skill level and ability.

What are the fees of the programs we offer?

  • Please refer to the specific page of each program for details.
  • For any program, all fees must be paid in full prior to the start of the season.

Does the Academy provide any discounts or promotion?

Yes we do! Please refer to the Ongoing Promotions Page.

How can I register my child?

There are 3 ways to register:

  • On-line through our website
  • Over the phone
  • Schedule an appointment

What is included with the house-league registration fees?

  1. 12-week house-league season
  2. Full uniform (jersey, shorts, socks)
  3. Trophy or Medal
  4. Written Progress Report at the end of the season
  5. Weekly practice
  6. Weekly game
  7. Weekly homework (2 components)
    • Physical activity component
    • Psychosocial component
  8. Get trained by a professional & licenced coach.
  9. Follow a one of a kind training program- designed by experts in many scientific and practical fields. Similar training programs have been designed for young professional athletes but never implemented for developing recreational participants.
  10. Multiple informal assessments.

When are registrations open until?

  • We typically close registrations a few weeks prior to the start of each season. However, many of our leagues usually fill up after 2-3 weeks of opening the registrations. Please give us a call if you registering late.

What are the start and end dates of the season we run?

Typically we run 3 season per calendar year (house-league & development):

  • Winter Season: mid-January to mid- April
  • Summer Season: mid- May to end of August
  • Fall Season: mid-September to mid-December

Our Competitive Academy teams train year-round, with a few weeks break. We take part in 2 competitive seasons (Summer & Winter).

What will happen after I register?-JanuaryWinwinThe com

  • You will receive a receipt via e-mail within 24 hours of registration.
  • You will be invited to join us for a Meet & Greet session where you will get to meet our staff and receive the uniform.
  • Your assigned coach will call you before the start of the season to confirm the time and place for the Meet & Greet.

When will my child receive the trophy/medal?

  • We will hold a trophy ceremony on the last day of the season, where all the participants will receive trophies or medals.

When will I receive my child’s progress report?

  • You will typically receive the progress report on the last day of the season during the trophy ceremony.

Can I volunteer to become an assistant coach to my child’s team?

  • Yes, of course. We appreciate and encourage all parents to support their children’s development. You will need to first contact the Academy management to get pre-approved and then submit some necessary documents.

How do game-time snacks work?

  • The Academy does not provide any game-time snacks or drinks; the parents must provide that for their children/ team players.
  • We recommend a small light carbohydrate-based snack (fruit/vegetable or juice) 15 minutes before a game or practice.
  • We recommend that the parents of a given team, take weekly turns to provide snack for the whole team.

Avoid snacks with the following ingredients, in respect to allergies:

– Nuts

– Seafood

– Dairy Products

– Soy

– Wheat

– Gluten

– Any type of meat

What equipment does my child need to participate?

  • ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST WEAR SHIN PADS/ GUARDS TO BE ALLOWED TO PLAY. Those who do not wear shin pads/guards will not be permitted to play the game.
  • Winter & Fall season: use indoor soccer shoes or regular running shoes.
  • Summer season: outdoor soccer cleats or regular running shoes.


For any other inquiries please feel free to contact us