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Participation Guidelines

Game/ Practice Guidelines:

During games All players are kindly asked to do the following:

  •  MUST WEAR SHINPADS/ SHIN GUARDS. ** the player will not be allowed to participate in a game without it**
  •  Tuck in the shirt.
  •  If the player’s hair is long, please tie it. This ensures personal safety (in case the hair gets accidently caught/pinched, and to ensure the player has clear vision).
  •  If the player is wearing glasses or any protective equipment which has the potential of falling of or becoming loose, please ensure it is firmly in place (i.e. glasses during game time are to be worn with a lanyard or a string/rubber band, to ensure they do not fall off and get broken and cause an injury).
  •  All players, parents, and spectators are to respect the referee’s decisions during the game. THE REFEREE’S GAME DECISIONS ARE FINAL. Please do not abuse the referees, as they are human and may make some mistakes (i.e. making the wrong call during game play, even the best referees in the world make mistakes).
  •  We kindly ask all parents and spectators to not interfere with a match or a practice unless it is an urgent matter.
  •  No decorative jewellery is to be work during a game (i.e. chains/ necklace, rings, or earrings, etc.).
  •  Religious or cultural or customary apparel (hijab, turban, bracelets, necklace/chain, or any other form of apparel the individual wishes to wear because of personal reasons beyond aesthetics or decorations are ALWAYS PERMITTED). You do not need to notify any of the staff to wear them, we appreciate every person’s diverse backgrounds and beliefs.
  •  MUST TIE SHOE LACES! A player with an untied shoe lace poses a risk of injury to themselves, please always ensure your child’s shoe laces are tied during practices and games. If the coach or the referee notices an untied shoe lace he/she has the right to stop the game or ask the player to get off the field momentarily to tie them (or he/she will tie it for them).
  •  Please ensure to arrive on time to all practices and games.
  •  Please ensure your child completes his/her assigned homework.
  •  Please feel free to report any incidents or any service which you believe is sub-standard to the management.
  •  All parents are encouraged to fill out a survey at the end of the season to reflect on the performance of their assigned coach, the referees, and the program as a whole.
  •  Parents are kindly asked to arrange between themselves a weekly game-time snack schedule for the players. If you want to bring a snack for the players on your son’s or daughter’s team, please confirm with the other parents regarding allergies. The club has a general policy that snack should not contain any nuts, shellfish, fish, soy, milk (dairy in general), or eggs.


*** Players not wearing shin guards (shin pads) will not be allowed to participate ***

THE PARTICIPANT IS REQUIRED TO PROVIDE THEIR OWN PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT.  Protective equipment can be, but is not limited to, the following:

  •  SHIN PADS (shin guards)
  •  Any protective equipment which the participant has been medically prescribed to use or wear.
  •  Face mask
  •  Nose mask
  •  Mouth guard
  •  protective eye wear
  •  Braces or slings
  •  Compression cup/ Jockstrap
  •  If the participant wishes to wear any protective equipment that has been medically prescribed, the management of SCSA has the right to request written proof from the medical professional who prescribed it or advised it’s use. This is to ensure the safe use of the equipment, and to protect the other players, ensuring this equipment does not cause harm to others.
  •  If the participant wishes to wear any protective equipment, devices or materials under their own discretion (has not been medically prescribed), the participant must notify SCSA management prior to it’s use.
  • Any other medically prescribed and/or advised equipment, devices, and materials.


  • SCSA wishes to provide an environment where everybody feels safe, motivated, encouraged, and happy. The management, coaches, PLAYERS & PARENTS AND/OR SPECTATORS contribute to this environment.
  •  ALL parents, players, and spectators are held responsible for their behaviour and action. Disrespectful comments or gestures will NOT be tolerated. ALL PLAYERS, PARENTS, AND SPECTATORS are to display sportsmanship, and professional conduct.
  •  If any disputes, for whatever reason are to arise, the players, parents, or spectators are kindly asked to peacefully resolve them and notify the management.
  •  Certain behaviours will not be tolerated, such as: bullying, fighting, bodily harm, abuse, racial or prejudicial signs or slurs, or any other form of harassment. Those behaviours are to be IMMEDIATELY reported to the management via any contact channel (or in person) for proper handling of the situation and/or the involvement of the appropriate law enforcement persons (i.e. police).
  •  NO SMOKING & NO DRINKING & NO DRUGS within the boundaries of the facilities used.