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House League Program Design

This program is the first of it’s kind in Canada. Each age group follows a specific program tailored to the participant’s needs.

The training program is based on sound scientific research and evidence, and professional inputs. The effectiveness of our work is backed up by countless hours of research and development to provide the best quality available.

Each age-specific program is aimed at improving the psychological, technical, physical, and tactical attributes necessary to improve overall wellness & quality of life, and also to help create responsible future athletes. Our program is structured to instigate healthy growth across all 4 domains of growth and development (Physical, Cognitive, Social, and Affective domains).

  • Psychological: Participants will improve their mental attributes (motivation, determination, concentration, creativity, respect & discipline).
  • Technical: Participants will learn the basic, intermediate, and advanced technical soccer skills (depending on their skill level coming into the program).
  • Physical: Participants will improve their overall fitness (health and performance parameters) through the program. To promote optimal physical growth.
  • Tactical: Participants will improve their tactical knowledge for the beautiful game of soccer.
  • Cognitive: decision-making, problem-solving.
  • Social: improve social skills, make new friends and develop personality.
  • Affective: feel safe, inclusiveness, confident, and optimistic.

The training program also includes 2 homework components:

1- Strength & Conditioning (physical activity)

2- Psychosocial

Strength & Conditioning


This homework is given out weekly, and we assign specific exercises for your child to optimally develop physical skills precisely appropriate for their age and developmental stage.

Examples of some exercises:
– push-ups
– sit-ups
– lunges
– squats
– keepy-ups with the ball
– ball specific exercises

This homework is also given out weekly, and it focuses on the all-encompassing health and wellness behaviours and values in life & sport. Many topics will be covered here depending on the child’s age and stage of development (this component is designed to meet age-appropriate needs). This homework will be primarily given in the form of a take-home research question/topic and later discussed within the team, with the coach ensuring the delivery of the intended values/lessons.

Some of the topics ranges are:
– nutrition
– harms of unhealthy habits
– benefits of healthy habits
– sport values (sportsmanship, teamwork, etc…)
– dealing with athletic adversities
– soccer IQ-specific
– importance of education

The training program has been created using crossovers from many scientific disciplines such as: psychology, childhood psychology, sports psychology, personality development, human and exercise physiology, growth and development, motor control and learning, and strength & conditioning.

The training program is in accordance with the guidelines of: Canadian Society for Exercise Physiologists (CSEP), Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) Long-Term Player Development (LTPD), Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) Long Term Player Development, English Football Association (FA) and FIFA’s Player Development guidelines.