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Privacy Policy

Sporting Canada Soccer Academy Institute requests the collection of information from all members. This information is required to create a portfolio of all our participants, to validate & confirm the provided information, as well maintaining effective communication.

Sporting Canada Soccer Academy Institute requires the collection of personal and private information and data, the following list is some of the information members would typically provide:

*this list in not exhaustive, and more information could be requested by the academy management*
  • Player’s name, address, health card #, phone #, e-mail address, social media profile, picture, DOB, anthropometrics, health history, athletic history, academic records.
  • Parent’s name, address, phone #, e-mail address
  • Credit Card #, expiry date, Cardholder name, cardholder address, cardholder e-mail address

 All the information collected by Sporting Canada is ONLY available at: our e-commerce service provider’s (Moneris Solutions) database, and the private database of Sporting Canada Soccer Academy Institute. The information the member shares upon registration and payment is private & confidential, and will not be shared with any person or organization other than the ones mentioned above. At Sporting Canada Soccer Academy Institute, the only individuals who have access to this information are the management personnel and direct coaching staff.

If the information provided by the client is incorrect or changes, and the client wishes to update this information, this can be done by contacting Sporting Canada Soccer Academy Institute via e-mail.

If the player selected to represent Sporting Canada Soccer Academy Institute in a game or tournament or any other type of event, hosted by Sporting Canada Soccer Academy Institute or another organization, Sporting Canada Soccer Academy Institute reserves the right to share the following information with the competitors’ coaches or managers, or event (game or tournament) organizers:

  • Player’s name, DOB, picture, contact information
  • Parent’s name, contact information

This information may be requested by the event organizers to ensure that all players meet the age requirements of the event.

The information provided to Sporting Canada Soccer Academy Institute by the members will be stored electronically in a protected (secure) database, and physically in paper format at the headquarters.